Affiliate Statement

FTC Guides advise endorsements must be truthful and not misleading. If the advertiser doesn’t have proof that the endorser’s experience represents what consumers will achieve by using the product, the ad must clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected results in the depicted circumstances; and if there’s a connection between the endorser and the marketer of the product that would affect how people evaluate the endorsement, it should be disclosed.

We want to be clear that Data Breach Security Training does have ongoing commission based relationships with other businesses and time to time we may recommend those companies and their services or products to our clients. Be aware of the affiliate relationships between Data Breach Security Training (parent – Mission Possible LLC) and and also, For an all inclusive current list with whom we have a commission based relationship or an affiliate relationship, please contact us at compliance These stated companies pay a commission fee to Data Breach Security Training for referred clients who engage with their company, services, and/or products. Data Breach Security Training (parent – Mission Possible LLC) have used or are currently using these products themselves prior to endorsement.