Providing Security Survival Skills for Sensitive Information

What We Do and Who We Serve

Data Breach Security Training helps small business owners obtain the information needed to establish a Business Security Plan. A data breach security plan is required in most states for any and all registered businesses. 

In our Business Security Training you’ll get essential knowledge about compliance and critical understanding for preparing your business’ data security compliance plan.

Frequently our participants know there are state statutes that mandate security policies and procedures, but are unsure where to begin!

Our training participants are looking for an easy to understand plan of action and that is exactly what we provide—easy actionable steps.

Training Designed to Boost Your Business Security Plan

Our training video and guidebook is focused on the business process associated with personal information, physical space, organizational, technical, administrative, and other risks to the business represented by current and anticipated threats to the security of your information.

By illuminating the risk concerning information sensitivity and critical security levels—you are better able to understand the basis for developing an effective Business Security Policy.

Business Security Plan Training

Getting You Prepared for Developing Your Business Security Plan plus Understanding Data Breach Insurance

The Unlocking the Secrets to Your Business Security Plan training is comprised of a guidebook and a one hour video. You can watch the video and use the guidebook as you develop your own policies and plan. In addition, we’ve supplied you with resources to make creating your plan easy.

Our data breach security training brings awareness while getting each participant ready to use their new level of learning coupled with a step-by-step plan for establishing a Business Security Plan.

Data Breach Security Training also offers information about implementing data breach insurance for your business. Sound good? It does to us too.

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